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Necklace with Pectoral – Princess Sithathoryunet

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This necklace with pectoral from Princess Sithathoryunet, 12th Dynasty Egypt is made from gold, carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, feldspar and garnet. The beauty of this necklace lies in its intricate meaning. The two falcons have sun disks on their heads, which in turn have royal cobras with their tails holding ankhs (representing life). The cobras’ shields uphold the name of Senruset II. The falcons each hold a shen (protection) with one claw and a notched palm rib with the other which is held by the kneeling god Heh (god of eternity).

“A looped string with a pendant in the shape of the hieroglyph for ‘one hundred thousand’ (a tadpole) is slung around Heh’s right arm, and the palm ribs in his hands signify ‘years.'” All this signifies that the desire that “the king should rule forever under the protection of the solar deity.”

Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art (Egyptian Research Account and British School of Archaeology in Egypt excavations)

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