Fulaba represents the woman who holds herself high with honor and dignity and enjoys accentuating her beauty with traditional and innovative African jewelry pieces. The style of the Fulani earring is called bhoylé.

For centuries, Fulani women wore these earrings in gold as a sign of nobility. Fulaba began with the ancient Fulani jewelry tradition but continues to introduce jewelry from other African tribes and political empires, the royalty and nobility of which we define as African High Culture.

Haby Barry, a Guinean American of Fulani descent started Fulaba to share an African jewelry tradition with the world and set the standard by providing quality, authentic Fulani earrings and bracelets from Guinea. However, she didn't stop there as she developed signature pieces and recently added Wolof jewelry from Senegal.

Kadiatou, is Haby’s maternal grandmother, a Fulani woman who truly embodied beauty, class, style and nobility.


  • Provide beautiful, quality African jewelry crafted by hand with precious metals that are responsibly sourced
  • Preserve African jewelry traditions and share the richness of African High Culture
  • Reveal the legacies of various African tribes and political empires and highlight strong, powerful women
  • Instill self-worth in women and celebrate our natural beauty
  • Build economic opportunities in the making of jewelry in West Africa

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