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Tribes of Southern Africa…Introducing the Swazi People

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Southern Africa is home to many different tribes that maintain their own dialect and way of life. Because of the vast diversity within Southern Africa, many of the tribes remain in the shadows of the more noticed tribes, such as the Zulu tribe. The Swazi people, also known as the Swati people, are a Bantu Nguni-speaking people of southeastern Africa that reside primarily in Swaziland and South Africa. Even though the Swazi people are Bantu-speaking and predominantly Nguni in language and culture, some of the Swazi people originate from Sotho clans that also inhabited Swaziland. The Swazi people are currently the only tribe that has maintained their unique identity. They continue to adorn colorful garments, believe in their traditional religious beliefs, and still continue traditional healing practices. They are known as a royal dancing tribe especially with the eight-day reed dance, which principle purpose is protecting the chastity of the single women and praising the queen mother.

For more information, visit Answers Africa.

Picture from Swazi Princess- Umhlanga Reed Dance.

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