Beautiful Headwraps and Accessories Make for a Regal Look

When done right head wraps and accessories truly accentuate our natural beauty and exude a royal look. Did you know that in Louisiana there was a law banning women with any African descent from wearing their hair out publicly? It was the Edict of Good Government in 1786 that had intentions of shaming ethnically diverse women but had the opposite affect. The hair of these women, often in updos were adorned in feathers, jewels and ornaments and attracted the attention of Caucasian men and blurred the lines of social status so there was a government mandate to institute the “Tignon Law,” which would distinguish women of any African descent from Caucasian women. However, the tignons (headwraps) were worn so elaborately and festively that it actually accentuated the beauty of these women and attracted even more attention. For more info check out Media Nola.

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