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African Fashion Week…Introducing OmaEmihe

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The annual Fashion Week hosted in Nigeria provides an opportunity for Nigerian designers to showcase their work. One designer that stands out is Chioma Jennifer Emihe. Her style is a mix of traditional and modern, combining traditional African textiles with other patterns. Emihe emphasizes characteristics that are important to her: decency and comfort. She is known for taking the traditional style of clothing and transforming it into something that the average, urban woman would be able to wear for any occasion. We love this one shoulder black and white stripe pattern juxtaposed with the floral fan typically seen on many African fabrics and also used in day to day life, combining comfort, style, beauty, and grace. Her bold aesthetic speaks to the younger, modernized African woman while still maintaining the true feel of traditional clothing. Emihe is founder/CEO of “DACsignature,” a lifestyle management company that owns various lifestyle brands and she is also the creative director of “OmaEmihe,” a DAC fashion brand.

For more information, visit OmaEmihe

Picture from Onobella

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