Spiritual Benefits of Gold and Copper

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In ancient times, jewelry was worn not only for adornment, physical beauty and social status but also for its spiritual and healing benefits. In ancient Egypt gold or nub (Medu Neter – Egyptian language) was considered of divine nature and associated with the sun. Gold as well as copper has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which improves circulation. In Egypt, gold powder was consumed as an elixir for its healing properties of the nervous system. Copper is known to promote joint strength and flexibility. Both gold and copper are metals associated with the heart chakra. The positive energy these metals emanate help to find balance within the heart chakra and provide vitality.

Pictured: Fulaba gold dipped Fulani bracelet and gold dipped Fulani earrings-small version. Handmade with copper and 22k gold sourced from West Africa.

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