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Fulaba x Indiegogo Campaign

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We launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign earlier this month on Indiegogo and have 55 lovely souls who have graciously backed our campaign. We have a long way to go but are hopeful that we can and will make tremendous strides to reach our goal. The Fulaba x Indiegogo campaign marks phase III of our relaunch and is a pivotal moment for us in making the declaration to celebrate the elegance & culture of African women and women around the globe.

Reaching our goal will allow us to…

  1. Grow and development our team
  2. Build our production capacity
  3. Create new product designs and samples
  4. Produce our initial run of the Women of the African Diaspora photo book
  5. Donate a larger sum to benefit youth education in Guinea

There is a rich African jewelry tradition that we want to share by expanding our collection so please visit our Fulaba x Indiegogo campaign page to learn more and contribute!

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